Since 1978, as a side job, Brion Hartford started his repair service, for medium and heavy duty equipment.  With his stocked, GMC 1- ton pick-up truck, The Green Hornet, emergency road service became his specialty.  Often nicknamed Grizzly by stranded truckers on the highway, the word spread.  In 1985, Hartford Equipment moved from a small rented garage bay to the present location of Hartford Equipment, on Route 202 in Sanford, Maine.

Local customers have enjoyed Brion's appetite for a challenge. 

Hartford Equipment remains a small, efficient business after 37 plus years, dedicated to serving national freight companies, municipal services and local commercial contractors.

Hartford Equipment and its owner was raised in this small town and educated by some of the most interesting professors of the University of Hard Knocks.  Known for its experience and tenacity, Hartford Equipment, Inc. continues to thrive.
 392 Lebanon St. • Sanford, Maine • 207-636-3899 & 207-324-0462
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