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Ode From a Mechanic

Some mechanic, obviously frustrated but without losing his sense of humor, sat down at one time and compared his occupation to the profession of medicine.  Here's the poem, passed along by the Automotive Information Council (AIC)...

There's models, makes and systems, some seven hundred strong and new ones coming up each year to help the scheme along.

Now, compare me to the doctor whose prices make mine meager, yet folks revere his expertise ever more impressed and eager.

The human body hasn't changed in twenty thousand years and every model works the same from the ankles to the ears.

There's years of school to learn his trade, and almost none in mine, I've learned by practicing my trade and I read what I can find.

There's new equipment and techniques and medicines for sure, but this is true in my field too, as much or even more.

There's lots of books he has to read, his procedures to define, but for every page in HIS field there's 25 for mine.

He has no comebacks and no warranty, you pay for what you get, and then come back and pay again if he hasn't fixed it yet.

His mistakes are often buried while mine come back for free, and he plays golf on Wednesday, while my customers hassle me. 

We spend millions of tax dollars sending kids to medical school, but if you ask for some in my field, you're treated like a fool.

Everybody has one body, but not one has more, but when it comes to autos, you may have three or four. 

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